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Mind Games Online (4)

  • Memory Challenge

    Memory Challenge

    Memorize sequences of shapes and colors and recreate them in the right order.

  • Frog Escape

    Frog Escape

    Prevent the Frog from escaping out of the pond.

  • Wordit


    Scrabble like game: arrange the letters on the board to form valid words.

  • Samurai Sudoku

    Samurai Sudoku

    For the real fan: 5 overlapping Sudokus in one. Everyday a new samuarai sudoku.

  • Wild Animal Pairs

    Wild Animal Pairs

    Match exact pairs of wild Animals in this Memory game.

  • Brain Racer Integers

    Brain Racer Integers

    Race to the Finish by making calculations with integers.

  • Towers of the World

    Towers of the World

    Build towers with the same height as the indicated tower.

  • Brain Shapes

    Brain Shapes

    Place numbers into slots according to the given rules.

  • Ancient code

    Ancient code

    Learn Chinese in this match type of Memory game.

  • Where is the new star

    Where is the new star

    Memorize the stars and find the new star.

  • Rlax


    Find tiles that are not covered as fast as possible.

  • Stone Age Spear

    Stone Age Spear

    Train your visual skills in this spear matching game.

  • Brain Sequence

    Brain Sequence

    Test your math skills and complete the number sequences.

  • Gears and Pins

    Gears and Pins

    Guide the marble to the exit by rotating the board.

  • Life Sudoku

    Life Sudoku

    Every day a new Life Sudoku, there is also an archive from a month.

  • Well Sudoku

    Well Sudoku

    Different Sudoku's from 4x4 to 16x16, and from easy to difficult.

  • Sudoku Hex

    Sudoku Hex

    Sudoku game with hexagonal cells.

  • Memory Match

    Memory Match

    Combination of a Memory game and a Math game.