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  • Tangram Love
    New Mind Game

    Tangram Love

    Classic Chinese Puzzle for Valentine: create the given shape with given heart pieces. NEW!

    Mind Game star
  • Nonogram
    New Mind Game


    Paint by Numbers: use logic to solve our nonogram puzzles. NEW!

    Mind Game star
  • Picross


    Large set of Paint by Numbers (or nonogram) puzzles.

    Mind Game star
  • Rapid Math

    Rapid Math

    Solve math operations as fast as possible, gets more difficult as time passes by.

    Mind Game star
  • Car 2 Exit

    Car 2 Exit

    Rush hour type of puzzle game: Exit your car from the parking lot.

    Mind Game star
  • Picma


    Japanese Paint by Numbers game.

    Mind Game star
  • Clown Connect 10

    Clown Connect 10

    Connect numbers to a total value of 10 and remove all numbers.

    Mind Game star
  • Who has the biggest Memory

    Who has the biggest Memory

    Remember the numbers show and recreate the correct order.

    Mind Game star
  • Wordspector


    Try to find the mystery word in this Lingo Game.

    Mind Game star
  • Civi Balls 2

    Civi Balls 2

    Successor of Civi Balls 1 with new levels. Get the right ball in the right vase.

    Mind Game star
  • Brain Waves

    Brain Waves

    Challenge your brain with 7 fun mini games.

    Mind Game star
  • Dinosaur Eggs

    Dinosaur Eggs

    Match the same Dinosaurs hidden in the Eggs.

    Mind Game star
  • Brain Workout

    Brain Workout

    Give your brain a workout in 4 mini games.

    Mind Game star
  • The Brain Game

    The Brain Game

    Train your brain with 6 mini games. Train your math, visual, logical and memory skills.

    Mind Game star
  • Frankenstein Math

    Frankenstein Math

    Test and Train your Math Skills.

    Mind Game star
  • Arithmetic Challenge

    Arithmetic Challenge

    Improve your math skills and exercise your brain with the arithmetic tests.

    Mind Game star
  • Word Machine

    Word Machine

    Find words starting with a given letter and including 0,1 or 2 other given letters.

    Mind Game star
  • Moon and Star

    Moon and Star

    Reconnect the Moon with the Star by removing groups of items of the same color.

    Mind Game star
  • Brain Racer Fractions

    Brain Racer Fractions

    Race to the Finish by making fractions.

    Mind Game star
  • Light it 2

    Light it 2

    Light the bulb by creating a path from the light bulb to the battery.

    Mind Game star
  • Light it

    Light it

    Connect all the lamps with the battery to light them.

    Mind Game star
  • The Brain Game 2

    The Brain Game 2

    Test and Train your brain with 6 fun mini games.

    Mind Game star
  • Train Number Swap

    Train Number Swap

    Try to arrange the complete train in the correct order from 1 till 20 by rotating 4 wagons.

    Mind Game star
  • Word Dimensions

    Word Dimensions

    Create words with connected letters in 3 Dimensions.

    Mind Game star
  • Letter Scramble 2

    Letter Scramble 2

    Create as many valid English words as fast as you can.

    Mind Game star
  • Flash your Brain

    Flash your Brain

    Test your IQ with this online test.

    Mind Game star
  • Robot Master

    Robot Master

    Solitaire version of Reiner Knizia's board game Robot Master.

    Mind Game star
  • Fill up

    Fill up

    Fun Sokoban type of game. Move all hearts to the right spot.

    Mind Game star
  • Process of Illumination

    Process of Illumination

    Light the bulbs in the given order and train your memory.

    Mind Game star
  • Sudoku Quest

    Sudoku Quest

    Every day a new Sudoku for you to solve.

    Mind Game star
  • Easter Match

    Easter Match

    Challenging Easter Memory game.

    Mind Game star
  • Word Mahjong

    Word Mahjong

    Create words with the letters on the tiles.

    Mind Game star
  • Find the way home

    Find the way home

    Pipe game: Help your character find the way home.

    Mind Game star
  • Cool Summer

    Cool Summer

    Memory type of game: match the same tiles and remove them from the game before your time is up.

    Mind Game star
  • Tiny Explorers

    Tiny Explorers

    Explore the planet with your tiny explorers.

    Mind Game star
  • Super Sudoku 2011

    Super Sudoku 2011

    Random Sudoku puzzels in 2 difficulty levels.

    Mind Game star
  • Mental Training

    Mental Training

    Train your mental skills in 4 mini games.

    Mind Game star
  • USA Today Sudoku

    USA Today Sudoku

    Every day a new Sudoku from USA TODAY.

    Mind Game star
  • Civi Balls

    Civi Balls

    Fun Physics puzzler: get the right ball in the right vase.

    Mind Game star
  • Brain test

    Brain test

    Train your brain in 5 different tests.

    Mind Game star
  • Treasures


    Find the treasures of the pirates by pairing them up.

    Mind Game star
  • Bird Line Up

    Bird Line Up

    Let your Birds arrive at their nests in the correct ascending order.

    Mind Game star
  • Chocolate Factory

    Chocolate Factory

    Try to remove all chocolates from the chocolate factory.

    Mind Game star
  • Sudoku Challenge

    Sudoku Challenge

    Huge amount of different types of Sudoku games in one game.

    Mind Game star
  • Word Snake

    Word Snake

    Find as many words as fast as possible on the grid.

    Mind Game star
  • Hangman


    The classic word game: Hangman. Guess the word before the pirate hangs.

    Mind Game star
  • Monkey Sokoban

    Monkey Sokoban

    Classic Sokoban game, move the bananas to the indicated spots.

    Mind Game star
  • Memory Challenge

    Memory Challenge

    Memorize sequences of shapes and colors and recreate them in the right order.

    Mind Game star
  • Wordit


    Scrabble like game: arrange the letters on the board to form valid words.

    Mind Game star
  • Samurai Sudoku

    Samurai Sudoku

    For the real fan: 5 overlapping Sudokus in one. Everyday a new samuarai sudoku.

    Mind Game star