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Sudoku Puzzles and Games

  • Sudoku Hex

    Sudoku Hex

    Sudoku game with hexagonal cells.

  • Life Sudoku

    Life Sudoku

    Every day a new Life Sudoku, there is also an archive from a month.

  • Well Sudoku

    Well Sudoku

    Different Sudoku's from 4x4 to 16x16, and from easy to difficult.

  • German Sudoku

    German Sudoku

    Different Sudokus with filter option.

  • Futoshiki


    Japanese logic puzzle game similar to sudoku.

  • Daily Sudoku

    Daily Sudoku

    Daily new sudoku puzzles in 4 difficulty levels.

  • Sudoku Today

    Sudoku Today

    Every day a new Sudoku in 3 difficulties.

  • MathDoku


    Sudoku combined with Math.

  • Sudoku Tetris

    Sudoku Tetris

    Sudoku game where the pieces are falling down.

  • Sudoku


    Choose from letters and numbers in 3 levels.

  • Sudoku Original

    Sudoku Original

    Choose from 75 different puzzles from easy to difficult.

  • Ancient Sudoku

    Ancient Sudoku

    Ancient Sudoku, nice flash Sudoku variant with hints.

  • Miniclip Sudoku

    Miniclip Sudoku

    Everyday a new Sudoku in 3 difficulty levels. Choose a letter or number Sudoku.

  • Samurai Sudoku II

    Samurai Sudoku II

    Play 50 different Samurai Sudoku puzzles in 3 difficulty levels.